So a little About Me…



My name is Erich Andreas, AKA “Your Guitar Sage”.

Yourguitarsage is passionate about being an innovator in guitar education and staying on the cutting edge of learning technologies and systems.  In the last few years Yourguitarsage has evolved from simple ebooks, to written books, applications, video courses over multiple platforms and live interactive webcasts.  We consider everything regarding guitar/music education as part of our scope.

We are proud to be a pillar of guidance to this great community of players and teachers creating art forms that move and change this world.

Why Sage?

Because I have been playing guitar for almost 30 years now (yes, I started young), and I am known for sharing that experience and journey on the instrument with those eager to learn the guitar.

I have been playing and/or teaching professional since I was a teenager and have played in numerous bands and projects in both live and studio settings over the last few decades.

I also have taught 100s of students, 1000s of songs and 10s of 1000s of lessons.  Check out my online guitar lessons page if you are interested in learning more about guitar.

I grew up with classical 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s music, but I now play just about anything that sounds good including rock, blues, country, hip-hop, dub-step(not that there is a lot of guitars in that), classical, swing and a bit of jazz.  I have a true passion for teaching and love every minute of it!

It’s part of my life goal is to leave this world giving a LOT more away then I have taken.  One of those avenues for me is to teach those willing, to play guitar as they always dreamed of playing.

My mantra is,

This is NOT just hopeful thinking.  I have NEVER seen this fail.

Music has always been a passion of mine.  When I was child growing up in central Florida (Merritt Island and Cocoa to be exact), I LOVED classical music.  My parents were always playing Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Bach and LOTS of operas.  I remember marching around the house in my footie pajamas to a lot of the classics. Sometimes I still do this! J/K!

When I was about 10 years old, my older brother, Chris, was a HUGE influence on my music listening.  Whatever he was into, I was into! Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Beatles, Supertramp were just some of the great bands that I was introduced to.  Once the rock bug bit me, I was hooked.

I got my first guitar about this time.  It looked cool, it smelled cool.  I practiced on this guitar everyday from somewhere from 0 to 0 hours…

Exactly, I DIDN’T!!!

So I sucked.

Which was first lesson in guitar. (Cool guitar) x (not practicing) = suck.  Every single time! NO one escapes this.

So for several years after that I hung with my friends, blew stuff up in the pool, ventured through the woods, rode and my bike and did typical kid stuff.  Obviously, I did not get any better, because I did not practice.  I don’t know whatever happened with that guitar, but I’m sure it’s lonely wherever it is…

Fast forward 3 years, my parents got separated, we moved out, yadda, yadda, yadda, suck, suck, suck… A friend of my mom’s ended up giving me a guitar that he had sitting around.  For some reason, it was different this time…

It only had one string and that seemed very doable! 🙂  I started picking those classical melodies out that I grew up with on one string.  As my mom tells it, she heard me doing that a lot and thought that I should have all 6 strings.

Around this time a little band named Def Leppard came on the scene.  The album Pyromania changed my playing forever.  Specifically the song “Foolin'”, was the first tune that I ever attempted to play on a guitar with more than one string.

I bought a little Mel Bay how to book and dug in myself.  With that and my Def Leppard tab book, and a bunch of LP records, I was off!  My mom would not see me for hours.  I was totally obsessed with the guitar.

Fast-forward to a 16 years-old Erich who has practiced every day for as many hours as I was allowed and took several years of one-on-one lessons with my first teacher Dave Klausner who still teaches in central Florida and is a GREAT classical musician.

Although I think I got on his nerves since I was always bringing in things like Ozzy Osbourne and Iron Maiden.

I joined my first band and recorded my first album.  We played several hundred gigs in the first 2-3 years. From 18-21, I joined several other bands, went to college full-time majoring in classical guitar and held down a full-time job.  A friend who attended school in Nashville suggested that I move to Music City and bring the music up a leve

Moving to Nashville sure did that.  The “talent” level was off the hook!  Everywhere I went, someone was “better” than me.  This was humbling and inspiring!

After several bands, LOTS of recording with different artists and FINALLY graduating Belmont University with my Music Business degree.  Since that time I have been playing and teaching guitar to 100′s of students.  Check out what some of my students are saying on testimonials page.

I have always had a passion for efficiency and teaching, so teaching on the internet was a no-brainer AND it allows me to “meet” so many great players and students like YOU, all around the world!